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STSH Wallet


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While most minimal wallet brands preach essentials, they fail to address one key issue: keys! STSH [stash] is a minimal wallet designed to eliminate keychains from the list of our everyday carry items. With a decrease in car ownership and a rise in NFC “keys”, traditional keys are becoming less common as part of our everyday life. 

STSH is the perfect companion for an urban commuter, student, or anyone looking to carry all the essentials without the bulk. Even if you require a large number of keys in your daily life, there are many instances where your cumbersome keychain can be left at home: going to the gym, spending a night out, running quick errands, etc.

STSH can be used as an everyday wallet, weekend wallet, or even a spare wallet for your extra keys and cards you keep in your car, office, or backpack.

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