The high-quality fidget spinner with a built in bottle opener.

Starting at $9.99

FlickDeck is a hand spinner designed to replace the everyday items you fidget with. From clicking or spinning pens during class or a meeting to twirling keys waiting in line for food, nearly all of us have found ourselves fidgeting at some time or another.

With FlickDeck, we created a high-quality fidgeting alternative you can carry with you and feel comfortable using in any setting. With its two-prong design and precision machined body, FlickDeck is not your average fidget spinner. Made of durable aluminum or stainless steel, FlickDeck's unique body shape removes the need for weighted bearings. Its uniform design and high quality aesthetics make FlickDeck the perfect fidget tool to carry with you at all times.

stainless steel

Due to its heavier weight, the stainless steel version is designed as the perfect companion to any home or office. The stainless steel finish creates unique reflections and patterns in the light that will catch anyone's attention while sitting on a desk or coffee table. The heavier stainless steel will also spin over twice as long as our standard version.


Our standard, anodized aluminum decks are lighter and much more portable. They are perfect if you are looking for an everyday carry item to always have ready when you find yourself fidgeting. The aluminum decks will spin faster when spinning with one hand making them easier to handle when moving. The bottle opener gives this on-the-go version an essential everyday carry function.

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