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FlickDeck is a hand spinner designed to replace the everyday items you fidget with. From clicking or spinning pens during class or a meeting to twirling keys waiting in line for food, nearly all of us have found ourselves fidgeting at some time or another.

With FlickDeck, we created a high-quality fidgeting alternative you can carry with you and feel comfortable using in any setting. With its two-prong design and precision machined body, FlickDeck is not your average fidget spinner. Made of durable aluminum or stainless steel, FlickDeck's unique body shape removes the need for weighted bearings. Its uniform design and high quality aesthetics make FlickDeck the perfect fidget tool to carry with you at all times.

The development and launch of FlickDeck was largely a case study in consumer trends and crowdfunding. Unlike the typical development timeline, FlickDeck went from concept to campaign launch in 14 days to take advantage of the rising fidget spinner trend in early 2017. To do so, the product design, branding, and visualization stages took priority over the development, manufacturing, and fulfillment stages that typically occur concurrently. This allowed the crowdfunding campaign to take place as the development and manufacturing plans were finalized. Resulting in 2 successful campaigns in a 6 month period before the peak and quick descent of the fidget spinner fad.

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