Tinkershop Creative is an Indianapolis-based design studio founded in 2015 by Jordan Rapp

Hi! I'm Jordan!

My dream has always been to build things. Most of my childhood was spent tinkering (this is the part of the movie where you realize where the title came from) with everything around me. Whether they needed to be fixed or not, I enjoyed taking things apart, attempting to improve them, and putting them back together. Besides trading in my Fisher-Price tool set for a 3D printer, not much has changed in the last 20 years.


I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis’ Sam Fox School of Design in 2014 with a degree in architecture and design. After landing my first job in the field of architecture, I was ironically tasked with designing and launching a line of modern outdoor furniture. Fatefully, I fell in love with the design process and decided to branch out from spatial design to focus on product design and branding.


In 2016, I brought my first self-launched consumer product to market. With a $200 budget, 3D printed prototypes, and a makeshift video studio in my bedroom, I raised over $10,000 on Kickstarter to begin manufacturing my product. Today, I have shipped over 30,000 wall mounts worldwide and used Q: Record Wall Mounts to turn my “hobby” into a full design studio.


While my mercurial product line may not appear cohesive at first glance, there have always been 2 common denominators: creating products that solve everyday problems and being passionate about my designs.


Experiences in my own life are the catalysts that spark my ideas. Trust me, not all of them are good. I have taken more unnecessary products past the conceptual design stage than I care to admit. However, every project teaches me a new lesson and I use my own experiences to invent items I want to have myself, and hope others enjoy my designs along the way.


Over the years, I have forged connections and developed strategies with manufacturers, packagers, marketers, and designers to create a platform to efficiently bring ideas to life. Recently, I even teamed up with my marketing-minded brother to fulfill a longtime dream, designing a board game (more on that soon-ish).

I am constantly working on new ideas, tinkering with old ones, and helping others see their own visions through. Send me a message if you would like to grab coffee and chat about your next project or big idea.


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